The Heavens Declare

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The Heavens Declare appeals to all ages, although it was designed for ages 9 and up (the Scripture passages are longer). This is perhaps our most "upbeat" collection. The recording is framed by two beloved Psalms set to exhilarating music like the Spanish Flamenco guitar rhythms on Psalm 19. "The Name of the Lord" is an unusual setting for voices and French horn choir. With intense orchestral tom-toms and brass, "Slow To Anger" may remind you of a movie soundtrack like the "The Chronicles of Narnia”. I wanted the music to draw a picture of anger in sound, to illustrate that this highly-charged emotion must always be under control. Our guest baritone, Derrick Smith, performs a soulful "Bring The Tithe". My favorite is "Run The Race": Hebrews 12 is set to a rich orchestral arrangement with lots of color and emotion to reflect the nuances of this poignant text on discipline.

If you’re looking for just one recording, The Heavens Declare is it!
Instrumental-only tracks for memory practice and performance are included.


  • Physical CD: see description above
  • CD Download:  MP3 format CD, and the complete lyric set in pdf format. All provided in one convenient download zip file.
  • Songbook - The Heavens Declare complete songbook, in pdf format for download. Includes words, melody, chord symbols, and piano parts. 102 pages.
    Click to view sample page.
    Go here for all sheet music.
View, print or download track list & lyrics
Bible versions used: NAS, KJV, NIV.

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