"Today, we finally got together and listened to the new CD [Teach Me Your Paths]. It was worth waiting for, the quality of the sound was excellent. The voices are beautiful. We had fun comparing your children’s voices from one CD to another, starting from the A to Z one, which was our first, right through to the latest one. What a lovely transformation over the years. It is very encouraging for us as homeschooling Christians to see what God is doing with your talents.
We are strengthened in our resolve to continue praying for you all to continue putting scripture to music. Your “Credo” and “the Heavens Declare” CDs are the permanently in our car because we love them so much. May God continue to bless you all as you serve His body with your precious talents.
With the love of Christ,"

David and Gloria 
Saint Brelade, Jersey, Channel Islands 


"I just finished listening to All Nations Shall Worship. I think you have produced another great product. I believe you have a very nice balance of Eastern sounds (to link to our course of studies), and music we all are more familiar with. I really like the one “fun” song you add (Go To The Ant), and your rendition of Psalm 91 brought tears to my eyes. Your team gets better and better at really clearly presenting the words, and musically, you continue with interesting and beautiful sounds. And I greatly appreciate the references linked to the songs.
Thanks again for your great service to kids everywhere to help them “hide God’s Word in their hearts.” I don’t think we ever forget the songs we sing! Keep up the good work! Blessings on you and yours, Sarita."
Sarita Holzmann
President, Sonlight Curriculum®

"Hello Harrow family,
I just wanted to let you know how much we still enjoy listening to your CDs. Our sons are now 10, 14, 17 and 19. We have loved your music since they were little. We were stuck in traffic today in Raleigh, NC and it was even pleasant with your voices and instruments to keep us company! I’m going to buy some more of your CDs to share with some new friends to bless them."
Melody B.
Goldsboro, NC

"I thank the Lord for how He's continued to bless your life and ministry.  The children's CDs are wonderful and I've already shared them with my grandchildren. Its been some years since you were here in Brooklyn.  I'll never forget how God used you on your instrument.  May the Lord continue to lead and guide you and your precious family.  Sincerely in Christ,"
Carol Cymbala, director
Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir

"The Heavens Declare" Sing The Word ® CD from the very musical Harrow family has very quickly become one of my favorite CD's from any genre. And I have to say that being a member of the NY Philharmonic, I am very particular about what I listen to when I am not performing myself. The musical and production quality alone should place this CD at the top of Billboard's charts and were it not for the fact that it is devised for a very different purpose and audience, I believe it would be. And though I could recommend this CD for purely musical reasons alone, the most compelling quality is how fully God's anointing permeates it. I have found it to be a real help in not only retaining the scripture verses used in the songs, but also as a faith builder and strengthener in times of trial. I also love the fact that I can sing the songs with my three year old and can actually look forward to extended car travels with the CD in the car! I greatly look forward to future musical and spiritual endeavors from the Harrow family. I really can't stress enough how much we all have enjoyed this CD and the others that you have made. "
Roger Nye, bassoon
New York Philharmonic Orchestra

"The Sing the Word Scripture Memory CD set includes a variety of songs intended to help make Scripture memorization meaningful and fun. Steve Harrow, the creator of Sing the Word, is a worship leader and a composer with a Master of Music degree from the Eastman School of Music. His wife and four children also take part in the music and vocals on the CDs, making Sing the Word a true family business. Each CD comes in a plastic jewel case and includes an insert with the titles and lyrics for the songs. The titles are marked with the corresponding Scripture reference and a designation of the Scripture version used for the particular song. Versions include King James, New American Standard Bible, Revised Standard Version, New King James Version, New International Version, and the Amplified Bible. The CDs also include the instrumental background track for each song. The vocals are professional, with clear recording and excellent sound quality. Lyrics, lead sheets, piano scores, and more are available for purchase as downloads on the company website, and lyrics are available to view prior to purchase.
Our family continues to enjoy the songs in the Sing the Word Scripture Memory CD set, and we plan to enjoy them for many years to come! You can purchase the CDs separately or all together as a set. I searched for a downside to this product and simply could not find one. I suppose if you had an absolute preference for a specific version of the Bible, you might see that as a negative. Some of the songs include spoken Scripture before the song begins, setting the tone and preparing the hearts of the listeners. The Harrow family should be commended. What a blessing for homeschool families to have these CDs available to help us instill Scripture into the hearts of our children! "
Donna Campos
Senior Product Reviewer
The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC

"For learning Scripture, I absolutely love the Sing the Word audio CDs. Actually, these are just plain some of my all-time favorite CDs, period! When we were moving overseas for a year and could only take a few CDs, these were the ones we took. The songs are musically rich and diverse. I've listed the CDs in the order Sonlight recommends them, but the order doesn't really matter. The songs on the CDs for the older grades are a bit more complex but the songs are very singable and we all enjoy them. Because the songs are delightful musically, I find I can listen over and over again. "
Hilary L.
Home School Curriculum Advisor

"I want you to know how blessed I am by these songs you are recording with your kids. It's powerful stuff, and the writing and arranging blows me away. I think I've listened to the "Lift up your heads, O gates" section of Psalm 24 fifty times [from God Our Provider CD]! I think that song is going to be really powerful done live with the kid's choir. Keep it up!"
Wes Nance
Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra (trumpet)

"...With just one listen, a number of verses were committed to memory. Produced by a musically enterprising couple and their clutch of very young children, Sing The Word From A to Z features 26 short Scripture songs, each beginning with a different letter of the alphabet. There is a wide range of musical styles and songs are repeated 3 times for memory practice. And if your children are still at that young adorable stage, you can use the included instrumental-only tracks for a family recital. This is ideal listening for the younger crowd, and for those who take care of them."
The Timberdoodle Company

"Steve's [Steve Harrow] original compositions are beautiful and inspired in the true sense of inspiration from the Lord. The children sing with amazing clarity and phenomenal intonation, and all the musicians are first-rate! Anne Harrow, especially, sounds truly complete and beautiful in the flute solos! BRAVO to all of you- what a blessed family, and you are sharing your blessings with all of us!!!"
Bonita Boyd
Professor of Flute
Eastman School of Music
Rochester, NY

"A great mnemonic aid. [A “mnemonic” is a tool used to facilitate memorization.] A mix of children's and adult voices sing in front of an incredibly wide range of musical instruments and styles. If the words themselves weren't of interest, the music would be! ...An artistic and spiritual delight."
John Holzmann
Cofounder, Sonlight Curriculum®

"We received Great In Counsel and we LOVE it as I knew we would. We especially love Psalm 8 (We LOVE the church bells) & Psalm 42, and "The Light of life." The music and vocals are so absolutely GORGEOUS! Some of the songs sound similar to the boy's choir we saw (and heard) and England and enjoyed so much. The Scripture CDs have been such a gift to our family. Rachael and Paris love them. I love hearing them sing and hum the Scriptures around the house - even when the CDs aren't on! Thank you for your gift of music that we have enjoyed so much. I'm so happy for your children, that they are so blessed to have received such a wonderful musical and Godly heritage from you."
Suzanne A.
Ben Lomond, CA

"Hi! First I'd like to tell you how much we've enjoyed the 2 discs that we have, God our Provider and Great in Counsel...they've definitely become a family favorite (not only for us, but also for my 4 year old twins). It's so refreshing to have good, Scriptural lyrics set to REAL music, rather than children's Bible songs (which are okay in their place, but...) I feel that they're not only learning Scripture, but also to value and appreciate different forms of music (and therefore other cultures). Thank you so much for your contribuation to educating my children and I hope to hear a lot more from your family in the near future!"
Jan R.
Redmond, WA

"You're going to love this music from the ministry of a home-educating family!  The parents are trained musicians who shaped the talent of their wonderful children.  The result is a CD that implants God's Word in the hearts of your children and mine!  The songs are beautifully written in varying musical styles, with nothing offensive (and I'm picky!).  Includes instrumental tracks so your children perform the songs with high-quality music!  These are some of our most exciting finds of the year!"
Marilyn Boyer
The Learning Parent

"Your Scripture CDs have blessed us beyond words. I homeschool my two daughters and we absolutely love these CDs. What better way to meditate on God's Word than through memorizing in such a fun way! Thank you for being used by the Lord to give us such a valuable tool to memorize His Word. Just by listening to a new portion of Scripture each week, we have applied so much Scripture to our hearts. The best part is that the tunes are so memorable we remember them longterm. Every so often I play one of the CDs from the past school years and am delighted to know we're all remembering them and using them to apply to our lives. My two girls sang Proverbs 15:1 at church a couple of years ago. The oldest sang "A soft answer turns away wrath," and the youngest sang, "but a harsh word stirs up anger". The older of the two has a sweet, soft voice and sang her part of the verse like a little angel. Then the younger one came in with the second part, sounding every bit as harsh and nasty as she could. Not only did the point get across, but these two girls will Never forget that verse. The performance was truly priceless. Again, thank you so much for giving us such a valuable tool!"
Kristen S.
Mishawaka, Indiana

"I wanted to write and thank you for the blessing that your CDs have been to me and my family… I loved hearing my children singing scripture as we drove in the car and did chores at home. However, I also noticed that I really treasured being able to memorize scripture and see the Holy Spirit bring it to my mind at the perfect time…As a homeschooling mom with 5 children ages 2,4,7,8 and 12, I have very little quiet time or time alone. Many days it has broken my heart how little time I spend in bible study. It seems my brain is always being talked to, distracted, settling squabbles. It hurt my heart that I wasn't able to spend the time or clear mind meditating on scripture like I used to. And yet, I knew God gave me my children and understood this season of my life with little ones always nearby. What a jewel it has been to find your cd's that enable me to hear pure scripture during my busy, crowded days. I am thankful to be able to memorize scripture with my children and allow them to see me making this a discipline that I value. God has used The Heaven's Declare CD to lift my spirit this week as I declared that "His mercies are new every morning." Thank you so much for this gift in my life, my home, and my spirit. May God bless your family and your work."
Jenny S.
Lexington, SC

"Sing the Word A-Z has been a God-send for my 6 year old. She has type 1 diabetes, sensory issues and anxiety disorder. She has memorized them all, sings them all the time and uses them to help get rid of all her many worries. As a parent, and musician, I was pleasantly surprised to hear the quality of the instruments and children's voices. Thank you for your contribution to our family through music!"
Cindy B.
Harned, KY

"I just wanted to say thanks for creating such a great product.  My kids love these and remember their bible verses very well."
Jennifer A.
Frisco, TX

"Thank you for producing the beautiful music on “The Heavens Declare”.  I purchased the CD from Sonlight for our home school. Your music has transformed our home and school. It fills our hearts with praise for the entire day and is an enjoyable way to memorize God’s word.  With much appreciation, Ann."
Ann A.
Cary, NC

"I want you & your wife to know what a blessing your "Sing the Word" Scripture Songs CDs have been to our family. Last year, our 5-year-old son learned the A-Z verses. (I learned them, too!) This year, our 2 youngest children (ages 6 & 4) are learning the Scriptures from the A New Commandment CD. Thank you for using your gifts to glorify God & to help others hide God's Word in their hearts. May God continue to bless you in your work."
Kirtland Hills, OH