Teach Me Your Paths

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Teach Me Your Paths is our latest release in the Sing The Word CD series. This recording contains 29 Scripture memory songs from the New International Version®, NIV®, aimed for ages 4-8, but will be appealing to the whole family. Like our very first CD, Sing The Word from A to Z, these verses are mostly very short, and songs are on average a minute long. Teach Me Your Paths builds on our vision to provide music with varied color and style, enriching the aesthetic sensibilities of our young listeners and their families, making the verses easy to memorize at the same time. As with all our recordings, instrumental-only tracks are included for memorization practice and performance.

The CD title sums up the purpose: foundational passages that address the ways of God which lead to our success as disciples of Christ. Topics covered include: compassion, fear, thanksgiving, love, truth, submission, confidence, service, attitude, blessing, and much more! One of my favorites is the priestly blessing from Numbers 6:24-26: "The Lord bless you and keep you". God commands that Aaron and his sons should bless the Israelites with this rich pronouncement. Our song is simply called "The Blessing", and features the gifted Raffi Wright. This arrangement of "older echoed by younger" models the parent-to-child teaching process given to us in Deuteronomy 6:7, and is an oft-repeated pattern on this recording.

One particular song deserves an explanation: "Cheerful Giver". This is the first time in all our years of producing scripture songs that I have employed a jazz vocal, and on top of that some scat singing! The majority of my musical background is indeed jazz, and I felt this was an opportune time to bring this style into the mix. The song's cheerful quality is certainly evident, and in that respect, is tailored to the scripture's intent. I believe it will engage kids into the moment and as a result become one of the easiest verses to memorize.

It has been a huge blessing for me to have my children performing, and this release is no exception. Our oldest, Hannah, brings years of vocal excellence on all of our recordings and is the featured artist on Teach Me Your Paths. She sings with compelling artistry and insight into the scriptures, and has done so since she started recording at age 8! Naomi (who began her recording career at 6) can be heard on flute and piccolo, lifting her featured songs up to the heavens with beauty and majesty. She has been my "right arm" as co-producer, reviewing every song and providing endless insights. Finally, Micah has given us outstanding performances on xylophone, drum set, and various percussion throughout the CD. His life and calling is percussion, and we the listeners receive the blessing of his extraordinary talent.

I am grateful to our young vocal performers, Katie and Noah, for their countless hours of practice and recording in our studio. Katie and Noah singing together create an enchanting blend that is greater than the sum of the parts!


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