Great In Counsel and Mighty In Deed

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Great In Counsel is the fourth CD in our series and is perhaps our most diverse recording. "God Meant It For Good" is a heart-felt musical rendition of Joseph's poignant message to the brothers who sold him into slavery. The militaristic "The Battle Is The Lord's" recounts the thrilling story of David and Goliath. On "All Things Work Together For Good" and "Be Anxious For Nothing", soothing girls’ voices create an atmosphere of child-like faith and reverence. "Iron Sharpens Iron" features a humorous dialog between my son Micah, age 7, and me, Dad (age 54). We trade rhythmic "nonsense syllables" to portray an energetic conversation without words - iron sharpening iron.

You will love the variety of music and depth of meaning on this inspiring recording. The musical settings are written to reflect the meaning of Scripture, to capture its essence in sound. This is our vision, and we are delighted to offer you Great In Counsel.

The CD includes instrumental-only tracks for memory practice and performance. Recommended for ages 8 and up.


  • Physical CD: see description above
  • CD Download: MP3 format CD, and the complete lyric set in pdf format. All provided in one convenient download zip file.
  • Songbook - The complete Great In Counsel songbook, in pdf format for download. Includes words, melody, chord symbols, and piano parts. 76 pages.
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Bible versions used: KJV, RSV, NAS.

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