Credo (I Believe)

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We are pleased to announce our seventh release in the Sing The Word CD series: Credo. This recording is filled with dynamic and colorful songs tailored to 8 Scripture passages. Many of the Scriptures are longer than previous recordings, as this CD is targeted for ages 11 and up.

The title derives its name from the first song, “The Apostle’s Creed”. We use the traditional creed that is most often recited in our churches today, dating back 1800 years! This musical setting is guaranteed to captivate your imagination: it begins with the first line of the creed sung in Latin by a children’s vocal ensemble in Gregorian-chant style, followed by a bass flute solo (our daughter Naomi). Hannah (also our daughter) beautifully sings through the entire creed (in English of course!). The finish includes an “army” of snare drums with the chorus resounding in 3-part harmony.

This collection includes hallmark Scripture passages to be sure. The 1st Corinthians 13 “love” chapter is a colorful arrangement for orchestra. The “Ten Commandments” setting harkens back to the drama of Sinai with its striking array of cymbals, gongs, and men’s deep choral sounds. There are two entire psalms included: 15 and 90. Psalm 90 is a remarkable text with its variety of mood and message. We have captured the opening declaration (“Lord, You have been our dwelling place in all generations”), the acknowledgement of God’s displeasure (“…all our days have declined in Your fury”), and the final mournful appeal (“do return, O Lord”) with three unique musical accompaniments. Our goal here (as in all our recordings) is to tailor the music to the text so that the listener receives insight into its meaning. We trust that our Psalm 90 continues that vision as each section illuminates the Scripture for you. The “Word Made Flesh”, from John 1:14, features the captivating sound of Roger Nye’s bassoon. (Roger is a member of the New York Philharmonic Orchestra). “My Son Do Not Forget” is a light-hearted upbeat discourse with father (me) and daughters each taking a verse. Micah (our son) drives this one along with his cajon – a wooden box that is played with the hands while sitting right on top of it. The CD closes with the song “The Resurrection and the Life”. The final phrase is Jesus’ arresting question “believest thou this?” Since this last line of the entire CD is a question, we end it using a chord that makes the song sound like a musical question as well (the song ends with the “5” or dominant chord, instead of the tonic or “1” chord).

The CD starts with a declaration of the creed of the faith, with the words “I believe”. The CD ends with a question to the listener, posed by Jesus himself: “do you believe?”

These 8 Scripture songs are recommended for ages 11 and up, but Credo will be enjoyed by the entire family. Instrumental-only tracks are included for memory practice, and performance.


  • Physical CD: see description above
  • CD Download:  MP3 format CD, and the complete lyric set in pdf format. All provided in one convenient download zip file.
  • Songbook - Credo complete songbook, in pdf format for download.
    Includes words, melody, chord symbols, and piano parts (for 5 of the songs).
    Several flute and piccolo parts are also included. 106 pages. Click to view sample page.
    Go here for all Credo sheet music.
View, print or download track list & lyrics
Bible versions used: NAS and NKJV, KJV.

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